With the number of style updates we send your way, we’re going to assume that you’re fashion hungry all the time. Clearly then, you are going to be curious if we tell you that the checks you love are of several varieties. You wear them when you’re in doubt and you wear them when you want to make a style statement—such is the magic of checks. Want to know what are the kinds of checks available? Here’s a list.


These checks comprise vertical and horizontal stripes that cross one another forming different sized checks. Often seen on woven pants or skirts, these work beautifully in the winter season.

Window pane

These are characterised by a pattern that resembles the panes of a window with the checks are placed apart from one another. These checks work perfectly when worn in the form of dresses to work since they carry a formal vibe.


This one has even sized checks that are formed by horizontal and vertical stripes but of two shades of the same colour on a plain white background. Perfect for any of occasion, our personal favourite gingham outfit is in the form of a voluminous skirt .


This pattern gets its name from the former name of Chennai. These are colloquially called Madrasi checks and are distinguished by a pattern of colourful checks and stripes put together. These stripes basically cross each other to make uneven checks. Usually seen in lungis in Chennai, today they have become quite a phenomenon on international runways.


These checks are broken or uneven and look like a hound’s tooth. Works best when in black-and-white shades but today, there’s been a variety of hound’s tooth coloured patterns. Our personal favourite is the classic black-and-white houndstooth blazer!

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