Digital Garment Printers are only getting better, but which one is the BEST

One of the fastest growing areas of apparel printing today is direct-to-garment printing which utilizes a customized inkjet printer and specially designed inks to print directly onto T-shirts and other textiles. The Apparel decorating process involves a T-shirt being placed on a platen as it would for screen printing, but instead of a screen, a printhead moves into place and prints directly on the shirt over the desired print area (just like with a wide-format printer) then the printed shirt is cured with a heat press.

Direct-to-garment printers can produce full-color T-shirt designs and printed promotional products with a relatively easy setup and post-processing. With a reasonable investment, direct-to-garment printers can give embroiderers, screen printers, sign shops, trophy shops and small business owners the capability to expand their business into short-run apparel production.

Digital garment printers can generate remarkable returns in the most simplistic way without being hindered by color limitations, unreasonable set up times, limited space or sub-par quality heat transfers.

There definitely were concerns about digital garment printers when they first came out. Maybe you have heard they are hard to maintain or they break down often; possibly you have heard the rumor that they are made from dismantled cold war missiles. Well, maybe that third rumor is a fabrication, but it holds about as much truth as the first two.

These companies have put technologically advanced engineering into the printers and software. The ink itself has also come a long way too. The CMYK ink from DuPont is vivid and impressive to say the least. Your customers will be extremely impressed with how you can produce exact copies of their logo or artwork and there is no need to compare pantones and order additional ink colors to satisfy your customer. This will really unleash a new t-shirt artist, one that isn’t bound to colors, gradients, and pantones; an artist than can create and print.


The last few years have got us so accustomed to living with machine manufactured fashion that the sudden resurgence of Indian handlooms is more than just refreshing! One such noticeable revival is that of the ikat fabric.

This gorgeous hand-woven and resist-dyed fabric is a kind of weave where the threads are dyed before they are woven into the textile and the result as we know it is a fabric worth all of artisan’s effort. Luckily for us, this ikat that was earlier restricted only to saris or ikat dress material has just had a contemporary design reincarnation and we can’t help but admire it in its second innings…

There is something extremely exotic and refreshing about ikat in white. Especially given the fact that we are headed straight into summer and sunshine, these easy-breezy white dresses are more than welcome.

Off-white double ikat bow dress by KA-SHA is available at Perniaspopupshop for6,699, off white ikat jacket dress is available at Perniaspopupshop for 17,874 and off white ikat gathered maxi dress also by KA-SHA is available at Perniaspopupshop for 10,131.

Ikat is at its best when worn in blacks and whites. The classic combination of white, black and grey brings alive the weave looks simple and elegant in all cuts.

Ikat long dress is available at Bhane for 4100, black ikat dress by Khara Kapas is available at Exclusively for ₹5,995 and this black and white ikat maxi dress by Khara Kapas is available at Exclusively for ₹9,000.

Blue in all its shades is a summer staple and when worn in ikat it’s twice as light on the eyes. We can’t wait to do summer right by wearing these maxi dresses for a sunny summer afternoon brunching session.

Blue yarn dyed maxi dress by KA-SHA is available at Perniaspopupshop for ₹12,275 , the blue and tangerine long ikat dress by Khara Kapas is available at Exclusively for ₹6,985 and the embroidered motif maxi dress is available at Perniaspopupshop for ₹7,196.

These grey jackets, panel tunics and printed bodycon dresses add a whole new dimension to ikat! While it might seem difficult to imagine that ikat can be adopted into evening wear, these dresses prove otherwise! Wear these to your next evening out and make a global Indian style statement.

White Ikat tunic is available at Exclusively for ₹6,538, white ikat jacket by Anita Dongre is available at Exclusively for ₹4,990 and these grey ikat printed dresses by Hemant and Nandita are available at Exclusively for ₹25,800 and ₹15,800 each.

Ikat jumpsuits and jackets such as these may have the artsy ‘theatre crowd’ vibe, take it from us, these look just as nice and apt for any occasion provided you wear them right. Full length and super comfy suits are best worn with heels.

Blue ikat sleeveless jacket by Poonam Bajaj is available at Exclusively for ₹ 10,780, purple peplum ikat jacket is available at Perniaspopupshop for ₹19,500 and the peach ikat jumpsuit is available at Perniaspopupshop for ₹6,900.

The birth of the mono-brand boutiques

It’s the 90’s. That was the time when the mono-brand boutiques were born.

I did not have a marketing structure in place at that time.  Things worked, but I wasn’t as famous as I had been.  Even my lady friends who came to my showroom weren’t showing their usual enthusiasm.

Most of the time they did not buy anything with the excuse that we didn’t have their right size or colour… Maybe I was not cool anymore…

I decided to insist that Eva should begin to work with me.  At first I involved her in the print shop, where I needed help, but I realized almost immediately that she would be much better suited to deal with the fashion, an area certainly more in keeping with her beauty and her style.

Then I tried to keep her nearby during the development of the collections, although her shyness sometimes made her feel a little out of her comfort zone…

Her mother tongue, German, finally made me realize that Eve was perhaps more inclined to fit into the commercial side of the business. She began to travel with me to Munich and to Dusseldorf – which was becoming a very important hub for fashion in Germany – where we decided to open a beautiful showroom.

Eva began to travel.  She liked it so much and had a real talent for keeping in touch with customers and handling orders coming from the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

In this way Eva always been known for her beauty, her grace and her style came increasingly to be recognized for her keen fashion sense and business mind.

What can I tell you of these years of happiness as a loving couple, with our beautiful children Rachele and Daniele growing into maturity?

The only problem was that we became so absorbed and passionate about the development of the business that sometimes we feared that we were not devoting enough time to the family.

Everything comes at a price, including success.

…to be continued.

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With the number of style updates we send your way, we’re going to assume that you’re fashion hungry all the time. Clearly then, you are going to be curious if we tell you that the checks you love are of several varieties. You wear them when you’re in doubt and you wear them when you want to make a style statement—such is the magic of checks. Want to know what are the kinds of checks available? Here’s a list.


These checks comprise vertical and horizontal stripes that cross one another forming different sized checks. Often seen on woven pants or skirts, these work beautifully in the winter season.

Window pane

These are characterised by a pattern that resembles the panes of a window with the checks are placed apart from one another. These checks work perfectly when worn in the form of dresses to work since they carry a formal vibe.


This one has even sized checks that are formed by horizontal and vertical stripes but of two shades of the same colour on a plain white background. Perfect for any of occasion, our personal favourite gingham outfit is in the form of a voluminous skirt .


This pattern gets its name from the former name of Chennai. These are colloquially called Madrasi checks and are distinguished by a pattern of colourful checks and stripes put together. These stripes basically cross each other to make uneven checks. Usually seen in lungis in Chennai, today they have become quite a phenomenon on international runways.


These checks are broken or uneven and look like a hound’s tooth. Works best when in black-and-white shades but today, there’s been a variety of hound’s tooth coloured patterns. Our personal favourite is the classic black-and-white houndstooth blazer!