Digital Garment Printers are only getting better, but which one is the BEST

One of the fastest growing areas of apparel printing today is direct-to-garment printing which utilizes a customized inkjet printer and specially designed inks to print directly onto T-shirts and other textiles. The Apparel decorating process involves a T-shirt being placed on a platen as it would for screen printing, but instead of a screen, a printhead moves into place and prints directly on the shirt over the desired print area (just like with a wide-format printer) then the printed shirt is cured with a heat press.

Direct-to-garment printers can produce full-color T-shirt designs and printed promotional products with a relatively easy setup and post-processing. With a reasonable investment, direct-to-garment printers can give embroiderers, screen printers, sign shops, trophy shops and small business owners the capability to expand their business into short-run apparel production.

Digital garment printers can generate remarkable returns in the most simplistic way without being hindered by color limitations, unreasonable set up times, limited space or sub-par quality heat transfers.

There definitely were concerns about digital garment printers when they first came out. Maybe you have heard they are hard to maintain or they break down often; possibly you have heard the rumor that they are made from dismantled cold war missiles. Well, maybe that third rumor is a fabrication, but it holds about as much truth as the first two.

These companies have put technologically advanced engineering into the printers and software. The ink itself has also come a long way too. The CMYK ink from DuPont is vivid and impressive to say the least. Your customers will be extremely impressed with how you can produce exact copies of their logo or artwork and there is no need to compare pantones and order additional ink colors to satisfy your customer. This will really unleash a new t-shirt artist, one that isn’t bound to colors, gradients, and pantones; an artist than can create and print.

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