Swastik Value Addition

Swastik Value Addition

  • The swastik Value addition Pvt. Ltd. brings a truly global perspective to the design & manufacture of textile and garments.
  • SVA’s textiles and garments are sold across India & abroad.
  • SVA service brands allow us to support the needs of our customers beyond the limits of simple product delivery. SVA deliver the highest level of design creation and production while offering industry leading textile & garment solutions.
Glitter Works

Glitter makes the ordinary shine and sparkle. Glitter Sparkle on all kind of fabrics like georgette, chiffon, Satin Raw silk, net etc.


Flocking very common embellishment in garment but we do this in very creative way to enhance the look of fabric.

Foil Print

Foil printing is to print some pattern with the foil on the fabric for shiny effect. We do this technique not only in simple way but also in multi color and enhance the full look of the fabric to deliver a mood change effect on garments.

Breads Work

We do beads with glue on all type of fabrics, which gives a rich embellishment.


Smocking is one of most desirable embellishment for garment. Here we do this for our clients who need their garments something more desirable and creative.


It is also called roller printing. Surat is well known for this printing. Our clients come to us because the creation of every print is customized and the look of the print is very elegant which is definitely showing your dress sense superb.