The birth of the mono-brand boutiques

It’s the 90’s. That was the time when the mono-brand boutiques were born.

I did not have a marketing structure in place at that time.  Things worked, but I wasn’t as famous as I had been.  Even my lady friends who came to my showroom weren’t showing their usual enthusiasm.

Most of the time they did not buy anything with the excuse that we didn’t have their right size or colour… Maybe I was not cool anymore…

I decided to insist that Eva should begin to work with me.  At first I involved her in the print shop, where I needed help, but I realized almost immediately that she would be much better suited to deal with the fashion, an area certainly more in keeping with her beauty and her style.

Then I tried to keep her nearby during the development of the collections, although her shyness sometimes made her feel a little out of her comfort zone…

Her mother tongue, German, finally made me realize that Eve was perhaps more inclined to fit into the commercial side of the business. She began to travel with me to Munich and to Dusseldorf – which was becoming a very important hub for fashion in Germany – where we decided to open a beautiful showroom.

Eva began to travel.  She liked it so much and had a real talent for keeping in touch with customers and handling orders coming from the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

In this way Eva always been known for her beauty, her grace and her style came increasingly to be recognized for her keen fashion sense and business mind.

What can I tell you of these years of happiness as a loving couple, with our beautiful children Rachele and Daniele growing into maturity?

The only problem was that we became so absorbed and passionate about the development of the business that sometimes we feared that we were not devoting enough time to the family.

Everything comes at a price, including success.

…to be continued.

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